This is one of the few corners of England where you can still see
rare red squirrels in the wild.
We own a small field opposite the cottage
and we've put several squirrel feeders up there
so - although we can't make any promises -
you have an excellent chance of seeing them.

Here's a photo of one at the bird table.

There are rabbits everywhere.
There's also a good chance of seeing stoats, voles and bats.
If you're lucky you might be able to add deer to the list.
Ryecroft Cottage is surrounded by a variety of habitats which attract numerous different birds.
As well as the woodland species that visit the cottage bird-table, look out for curlew, oyster-catcher, heron, buzzard, woodcock, dippers, tree-creepers, tawny owls, barn owls, geese, ducks, moorhen and many other wading birds.


"Brilliant bird-table - great variety of birds (and watch out for the shrew)"

"Seen red squirrels and a deer, loads of different birds."

"awoke one morning to find a red squirrel sat eating nuts!"

"Stoat was seen in the garden at 6 a.m. and possibly a weasel too."

"We have seen various animals including a rather cute stoat dancing in the garden...I have enjoyed my walks up to the waterfall and watching buzzards at play."

"Saw Mr. Woodpecker several times"

"The birdlife from the window each morning was one of the best memories of the week. We also had the company of a red squirrel most mornings."

"Saw many birds, incl. wheatear, dippers, herons, siskins woodpecker etc. Even a deer."